Powerfull stresser

stresser.tech - Good and convenient stresser for testing

We power!

We are working on our service, finding bypasses for various popular protections such as cloudflare and other popular protection services.
And study network vulnerabilities, thanks to this we find workarounds for Layer 4!

Bypassing defenses

We follow the updates of the most famous protections.

Good network

We are looking for providers that can provide good packet return for sending attacks.

Cheap prices

Inexpensive prices compared to our competitors.


  • Basic
  • $30/m
  • Suitable for testing the bandwidth of a website or server for a DDoS attack
  • Concurrents: 2
  • Time: 800
  • 28 Days
  • API Access: no
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  • Pro Tech
  • $110/m
  • Has access to premium methods, suitable for checking a site and server for a medium DDoS attack
  • Concurrents: 4
  • Time: 2100
  • 28 Days
  • API Access: yes
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  • Tech
  • $180/m
  • Suitable for a more powerful attack and an attack not only on one site but more than two...
  • Concurrents: 6
  • Time: 2800
  • 28 Days
  • API Access: yes
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